An Interview with Jamie Woon in Manchester

AFTER a while of being away from the limelight, the singer, Jamie Woon is back with his second studio album ‘Making Time’. I caught up with him before his gig in Manchester…

Jamie kicked off his UK tour in Sheffield on March 2; it “was a really good start. I felt a lot of love in the room,’’ explained Jamie. After four years this was humbling for Woon.

He describes his music as ‘heart-felt’ and ‘bassy’. However the American singer/songwriter and actress Erykah Badu gives her take on his music: “When I listen to his songs it’s African, it’s blues, drum and bass, it’s so many things there are just so many layers.”

Marvin Gaye heavily influenced ‘Making Time‘. Other musical influences include Radiohead and a British soul singer named Lewis Taylor as well as family and friends.

The inspiration for the album title came about as Jamie has a reputation for being fairly chilled and taking his time with things.

“Time has always been a big part of my life. The relationship of rhythm and time and being aware that I hadn’t released anything for a long time, it was a combination of those things.”

The last track to be finished, ‘Dedication’, happens to be Jamie’s favourite song on the album.

“I am really proud of Dedication. I remember the day we recorded that, it was quite spontaneous, and I have some good memories of recording it.”

Jamie collaborated with Disclosure on their debut album ‘Settle‘ in 2013, it came about as they all lived in Surrey and Disclosure reached out to Jamie.

“I think we both had a similar trajectory when we both came to dance music later in life after being into other music.

“They’re two of the smartest, most on point guys I’ve ever met, they really know what they want to do, it’s inspiring, very ambitious guys.”

He recorded the song “January” with Disclosure so of course I had to ask what his favourite month was:

“I would say, September. I always think that’s a really good time to take a holiday because summer in England can be really good but then it starts to get a bit colder. It’s got a good song too by Earth, Wind and Fire.”

Recent collaborations have been with artists such as Portico and Wily Mason, however Jamie has one particular Compton rapper he would like to work with.

“I’m one of millions of people who would like to work with Kendrick Lamar, I think he’s great, he seems to bring people together to collaborate as well, I think that’s cool.”

Kendrick Lamar recently released his  “untitled unmastered” project without warning, no wonder Jamie wants to work with the platinum-selling artist who likes to push artistic boundaries.

One thing is for certain, Jamie Woon continues to get better and better with time, the future looks very promising for him.

Jamie will be performing at festivals all around the UK this summer including, Latitude, Lovebox and Wildlife. Including back here in Manchester at Parklife (map below):

Have a look at my short video giving a taster of the songs Jamie performed at his gig here in Manchester at Gorilla.


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