“CURIOSITY – Art Exhibition” at the Kraak Gallery raises money for Manchester Mind charity

YOUNG and local artists of Manchester hosted a night of entertainment in aid of the mental health charity, Mind. The event took place at the Kraak Gallery, Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter. The alternative, bohemian location seemed fitting for the contemporary art event on Wednesday evening.

The Kraak Gallery Bar – Courtesy of northernoise.co.uk

Packed with members of the public, the venue attracted young, old and quirky types. The hour long free bar went down a treat with the onlookers as they gazed at the art and sipped wine.

The theme of the night was Curiosity, “satisfaction killed the cat, curiosity bought it back”.

IMG_3220             IMG_3226

I spoke to oil painter, Ryan French about the event:

“The art featured is an amalgamation of different types art, for me it’s surrealism. All the different pieces have elements of different things, they’re very symbolic so all the art has a lot of meaning behind it. The reason it’s called CURIOSITY is because we wanted people to unravel the meanings behind the different pieces. The thing that joins them all up is symbolism.”


The Manchester Mind charity was the chosen charity for the proceeds, as the artists wanted to give back to their community. Mental health services  have recently been under crisis after severe cuts, not just in Manchester but around the country. Here is some more information about mental health:


The exhibition featured a variety of different art including, clay models, oil paintings, tapestry, sketches and natural art work. It was an evening of enjoyment both for the artists and spectators.

Music artists who played on the night included Mayo De Zulu, Cul De Sac, Mellownin and Truce. All of which added to the cool, alteristic vibe of the exhibition. Alcohol flowed as the audience danced and chatted away in the atmospheric room.

There was also an opportunity for people to create their own art. A small crowd gathered around the tables covered in paper as people watched each other construct their pieces. Designs ranged from political statements to silly doodles, there was a mix of interesting creativity.

The aim for the exhibition was for the public to have a night of fun and enjoy the art that the young people had made, Ryan explained that it wasn’t really an event that he “expected to sell” it was an experiment in a social atmosphere and to get a chance to showcase his work as well as raise money for charity.

IMG_3238           IMG_3233             IMG_3235

Ryan expressed that he was really happy with the way the night panned out:

“It’s really nice that people have come and seen it all, that’s all I wanted really, just to have fun. People don’t usually have nights with art involved, so if it’s gone well we’ll definitely do it again.”

The night went down a treat for all of those involved, it was a refreshing scene for Manchester’s young talent, and all for a good cause.

If you have any queries about mental health, check out Manchester Mind’s website for more information: www.manchestermind.org.


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