April Favourites

April for me has been one of the best months of this year so far, so here are a few things I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love listening to a wide range of music. This month I’ve listened to a lot of  The Mouse Outfit and their album ‘Step Steadier’, I love their chilled hip hop vibe. My favourite on the album would probably be ‘Sip a Little Bit of Rum’ ft. Spark & Fox unsurprisingly because rum is my drink of choice and it’s just generally a feel good song – check them out.

So there maybe some truth in being able to train your tastebuds to like particular foods. I gave olives, another go, the result… I finally like them, they were mixed in pesto but I really enjoyed them. My mum would be proud. I will carry on my little experiment of trying foods I don’t like and see how it goes.

I know I previously mentioned my drink of choice is rum, but this month I’ve drank a lot of prosecco, I just couldn’t resist that Lidl £4.99 deal – love that place.

13101268_10201572840959087_1297992550_n   IMG_2982

After an interesting debate on ‘Blackface’, (that included my mum on loud speaker joining in too) me and 2 of my flatmates watched ‘Selma’. The film Selma is: ‘A chronicle of Martin Luther King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.’ – IMDB. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it was emotive and informative about a time that was not that long ago. I definitely felt a lot of empathy during the film considering it’s a part of my history. I would highly recommend watching this film to understand just some of the struggles African- Americans faced during the civil rights movement.

MARIO CART. So my flatmate bought his Wii to uni, and now me and my flat love a good Wii game to cure our boredom. Our favourite has to be Mario Kart. Moo Moo Meadows is my favourite track, it’s the only one I can honestly say I’m good at.  Rainbow Road is the WORST, it makes me want to throw my wheel at the TV, can you tell I’m competitive yet? It’s a good laugh nevertheless.

Moo_Moo_Meadows_-_Yoshi_encountering_Moo_Moos mario cart

Nights in. I love a good night out, but I’ve enjoyed a few chilled nights in recently with a few drinks and just chatting/music on in the background. I sound old but that’s my little epiphany for the month. I never really appreciated staying in this much until now, the company can make a big difference too and you’ll save money!

So that week in April when it was super sunny and fairly warm, me and 2 friends took a trip to Formby beach for the day. It was a great day out, who could say no to a day of sun, sea, sand and a picnic? It is definitely one of my highlights of uni so far.

My old house! So my family have moved into another house, although I don’t go home that often I will miss living there. I will miss the area too, although it was extremely hilly it was a nice area and we had some lovely neighbours, all good things come to an end I guess.

So that’s been my April, how quickly is this year going already? Hopefully May is just as good or even better.


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