Songs of the Month: January

2017! It’s been a while…

So, I thought I’d return to my blog this year, have a bit of fun and be a lot more active with music content especially as music journalism is something I want to do. So far, I have written album, gig and festival reviews and interviewed music artists for different publications. Hopefully, one day I will create a career out of it. I wanted to kickstart this year with a new feature, not necessarily academic music journalism but just a way for me to share my personal favourites and expose new artists to my (very) little but hopefully growing audience. Finding new music is a daily occurrence for me (shoutout to Shazam), my music taste is pretty varied and I’ll give anything a listen.

My ‘Songs of the Month’ posts will feature a mixture of older and newer tracks, but hopefully you’ll check them out nevertheless.  One thing I also want to do is give new artists an opportunity to send me a track that I can feature as a bonus song, feel free to send me submissions via Facebook/Twitter or you can comment down below.

Here are my January songs of the month, just stuff I have had on repeat for the past four weeks:


Track 1:

Damselfly / Loyle Carner ft. Tom Misch

The south London MC dropped his debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ earlier on this month. Best album of 2017 so far (in my opinion) and it’s only January. However, this particular track is one of my favourites out of the 15, it features jazzy vocals from Tom Misch and a groovy head bop-ing beat under Loyle Carner’s flows. I’m a huge fan of both Loyle and Tom, they bring fresh, contemporary sounds and do the London music scene proud. The two friends have collaborated on tracks previously, check out ‘Crazy Dream‘ too, their voices complement each other extremely well. Nice one boys!


Track 2:

1=1=1 / Subculture Sage

Surprised my flatmates haven’t killed me already this month for reciting the lyrics ‘1=1=1=1’ on repeat. Definitely a catchy one for ya, shimmery, light instrumentals too. This hip hop duo are underrated, they experiment with rap and spoken word to add new dimensions to their music and pull it off. Listening to this in the bath with a LUSH intergallactic bath bomb was pretty ideal, definitely a tune to kick back and unwind to. Watch the video below for trippy visuals, if you like this you should have a gander at ‘Overly Dead‘ also.


Track 3:

Together / Kaytranada ft. GoldLink and AlunaGeorge

A triple threat! So one night I was up writing an article and had BBC Radio 1 playing in the background (as always). I decided to text in and send a song request for the first time for Huw Stephens’ ‘last track of the day’. I was typing away at my article minding my own business then I got a call from a random number at 23:45, I picked up and it was BBC Radio 1 contacting me to tell me that Huw would be deciding a track out of the requests that had been sent in. 3 minutes later,  I received a call back from the radio producer, Huw ended up choosing my track (we obviously share a great music taste)! I had a little chat with Huw before going on air, definitely fan-girled a little bit, he was ace. We had a chat about my life on air for a few minutes, discussing the best independent music venues in Manchester, my love for music and music journalism and he even made me promote my blog. I’m embarrassed because I haven’t written anything in 6 months – especially after he retweeted my blog link to his followers… haha.

ANYWAY… this was the track I chose, I have been the biggest fan of Kaytranada for years, so this is really no surprise, it’s such a good ‘pick me up’ song. Check it out, it’s funky!


Track 4:

Chill Pill (Experiment 2) // Hawk House

Another mega chill vibe track to bless your ears. It’s been a stressful month with lots of deadlines and uni work, this song definitely helped me to trudge through the last few turbulent weeks when I have indeed needed a ‘chill pill’, (pun intended). British hip hop is evolving, Hawk House are certainly one to watch at the moment. Cheers to Spotify for the recommendation.


So, Loyle Carner, Subculture Sage, Kaytranada and Hawk House are the artists for January. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for my February tunes.


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