Songs of the Month: March

The wonderful month of March is about to end, spring has arrived with a few days of beautiful sunshine and now we are on track to summer. Have a gander at what I’ve been playing this month for some new music inspo…

Track 1:

1 Night // Mura Masa ft. CHARLI XCX

Multi-intrumentalist Mura Masa back at it again with the banging beats. He was responsible for Love$ick ft. A$AP Rocky! I love the xylophone and steel drum like sound throughout this song, mega babe CHARLI XCX brings the sass with her distinctive vocals in this feel good pop song. Catchy with a hint of a tropical vibe, you’ve been warned.

Track 2:

Bonita Applebum // A Tribe Called Quest

Throwing it back to this little old skool hip hop gem. It’s fun, flirty and guaranteed to have you looking like an out of control bobble head for sure. Had a few bliss moments in the sun listening to this over the past few weeks, almost caught myself singing along in public (not that it’s a bad thing of course). If ATCQ don’t play this at Parklife this summer I may weep.

Track 3:

Itch // Nothing But Thieves

Big fan of Nothing But Thieves and recently Itch has been playing on repeat a lot. Lead vocalist Conor Mason has an impressive vocal range, despite this, I still attempt to sing along. If you like either Royal Blood and/or Muse you’ll enjoy Nothing But Thieves. If this sounds familiar you may have also heard this on a Netflix ad…

Track 4:

Like Really // Oddisee

Nah like really… Oddisee is one to watch. Yes pun intended. His lyrics include deep, political and economical insights into todays society. I personally believe his music should be heard by all.  I saw him perform live earlier this month as part of my music journalism assignment and was thoroughly impressed. By far one of the most interesting gigs I’ve attended, the audience were so engaged with him and his amazing band Good Compny, everyone was just there to have a good time. My gig review will be uploaded shortly.

Track 5 (Bonus) :

Too Bad // Trinna Carter

So this is my first bonus track to feature this year… Introducing Trinna Carter, a singer songwriter who hails from London. Too Bad features a dancehall/R&B inspired beat and soft, flirty vocals, give it a listen and support a new artist!

March has been a good one, Mura Masa ft. CHARLI XCX, A Tribe Called Quest, Nothing But Thieves, Oddisee and Trinna Carter! With the easter hols looming I’ll have lots of time to scope out a range of new music this April. That’s all folks.


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