Songs of the Month: April

April has been an interesting month for me personally, mostly consisting of work and deadlines but on the plus side I have come across a lot of new music over the past few weeks. Anyway, here are some tunes I’ve been listening to this month whilst eating a lot of chocolate…

Track 1:

Whippin // Kiiara feat. Felix Snow

Kiiara, who you may be familiar with from her hit single Gold, is back with an upbeat, attitude fueled electro-pop track. Her vocal style resembles artists such as FKA Twiggs and Lorde, yet her EP Low Kii Savage had hints of a trap style production. I’m really into this track from Kiiara and producer Felix Snow, more music from Kiiara please!

Track 2:

4422 // Drake feat. Sampha

So this song features on Drake’s ‘More Life’, I actually dig a lot of the songs on the album, I’m liking the fact that Drake is appreciating British artists and giving them a platform, but this one really stood out for me. Sampha, an insanely talented artists whose praises I cannot sing enough, is back with another beautiful, raw, emotive song. The theme of this song is thought to be about, Sampha’s family roots, “44” being the area code for the UK, where Sampha is from and “22” being the code for Freetown in Sierra Leone where his family originate from. This is not his first collaboration with Drake, in fact this song would mark their 3rd, following ‘The Motion‘ and  ‘Too Much‘. The melody is calm and soothing and is sure to get you in your feelings, too smooth if you ask me.

Track 3:

When You Want to Love // Tom Misch feat. Will Heard

This is a song I am actually scared to overplay in case I end up hating it… As part of a new music project, multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch took on the task of creating ‘5 Day Mischon’, a five track EP with 5 different artists. Singer, songwriter Will Heard is severely underrated at the moment, he was the male vocalist featured on Rudimental’s ‘Rumour Mill‘ track and has since created an EP  ‘Trust’ which was released earlier this year. He is a self confessed ‘creator of vibrations’, has a soulful voice and a silky smooth delivery. They grew up listening to jazz and soul artists such as Nina Simone and James Brown, these influences heavily reflect in both of their music outputs.

Just when you think the song is over and fades out, an instrumental piece fades in and consists of Tom Misch discussing his project: “It’s just soulful man, just feel good music. I think that’s missing in a lot of today’s music. I’m lucky I’ve found my release.”

This is one of my favourite collaborations…

Track 4:

The Apprentice // Gorillaz feat. Rag’n’Bone Man, Zebra Katz, RAY BLK

The Gorillaz are back with a fresh sound, their new album ‘Humanz’ was released this month. This music collaboration was a recipe for a great sounding song, I am very impressed. An electro-groove sound which has a hint of a funky, cosmic undertone. The finish product is admirable, incredible vocalists Rag’n’Bone Man and RAY BLK complement each other well and Zebra Katz flows are fierce, take a listen and tell me what you think!

Track 5 (bonus):

Alone // Reddish Blu

You should give this extremely ambient tune a listen. It has a marine kinda feel, with a relaxed background beat. This song was produced by Manic the 17th and the artwork was created by @EARTHAKLITT, if you’re a fan of Syd from the Internet you’ll enjoy this.

Keep the submissions coming, I love hearing your stuff! This month has been a great one for new music, it was such a hard decision to pick my favourites, especially from the submissions. Looking forward to what music May has to offer.


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