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Songs of the Month: June

June has been a super busy month, I finally moved into my 3rd year uni house!

Parklife this year was ace, saw some of my favorite acts with my favourite people, what more could you want? My highlights were Rejjie Snow, Boy Better Know, NAO  and Oliver Heldens but there were sooooo many other good performances and memories from a really good weekend.

Here are some the songs I’ve been enjoying this month:

Track 1:

WAVE // Mura Masa

The boy has done it again… Mura Masa’s debut album is now out! Before his album release he surprised us with 2 unreleased tracks ‘WAVE and SOLE M8s’. They are not actually featured on his self titled LP, but they are still some solid tunes. Really dig the crisp, hard base and the shimmery, marine intro. The lyrics are pretty much ‘I was on a boat in Paris on a wave’ which oozes summery vibes, great for listening to this time of year. At just 20 years old Mura Masa is killing it, I’m really enjoying his album, you should give it a listen! He will be in Manchester for WHP17 later on this year, you need to bag a ticket he’s fab live.

Track 2:

No Security // Skepta

It’s the beat. Skepta never disappoints and it seems he’s always one step ahead of the game. Interested to see how his new clothing brand ‘Mains’ is going to take off too.

Watching this live was crazy, I love his raw energy when he performs. The intro to this song features a recording of words from Malcom X, it also samples his ‘It Ain’t Safe’ bassline. The track was actually released last Halloween but the video was uploaded earlier this year. It includes Skepta dancing with an umbrella and in a room full of broken mannequins, I’m a fan. Check it.

Track 3:

Dang! // Mac Miller feat. Anderson .Paak

A more chilled out song for ya. I forgot how much I really liked this song, I was obsessed with this last summer when it was released but recently rekindled my love this when it was performed at the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert with the man himself, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande. However, I don’t think you can beat the original… Anderson .Paak does not get enough credit for his work, forever bringing funky, groovy beats to whatever he touches. Mac Miller exudes fun and playful vibes in his music and in this video in particular. I love it. Mac and Paak complement each other nicely in this, I like their little bromance. Would love to hear more work from them both.

Track 4:

If // Kaytranada

One of my all time favourite remixes. I can’t explain how good this is, it’s such a classic Janet Jackson song too. This may be controversial but I actually prefer this to the original. There’s not many people or things I obsess over but Kaytranada happens to be one of them, this mix is thought to have been the catalyst to his music career and rightly so. His musical talent is next to none in my opinion, he is gold. This is one song for me that can never get old.

Track 5:

All Around the World // Rejjie Snow

Easily one of my top 5 favourite artists. I could have certainly have added any Rejjie Snow song this month. After finally seeing him live I became even more of a fan. I had major post-Rejjie set blues after Parklife, one of my highlights from this year’s festival. The thing that really strikes me with Rejjie is his poised and powerful flow when he raps/sings. I chose this song because this was the first I heard about Rejjie, my enthusiasm for his music started when I first heard this, so hearing this live was a pretty ace moment.

Track 6:

Tadow // FKJ & Masego

8 minutes of pure serenity, perfect for this time of year… FKJ has featured 3 times in 2 months, can you tell I’m a fan yet? Another beautiful Red Bull Studios’ creation from him. FKJ and Masego playing the sax makes me wish I carried on playing, it is such a gorgeous instrument. At times, the smooth, effortless vocals from Masego resembles some of Stevie Wonder’s work. The first 20 seconds of this video makes me smile, the way Masego uses a passport as an instrument is brilliant, just the fact that he’s showing anyone anywhere can make music from really random items is just a really nice thought. I love the level of creativity in this.

So I thought I would add a few more songs as we’re half way through the year! Apologies for the late upload, life kinda got in the way with both work and moving house.

See you in a few weeks with some more music!



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