Songs of the Month: July

Hi, back again! What’s up with the weather recently? It’s been raining cats and dogs in Manchester. I don’t really know why I’m surprised as this is England but can our sunny summer come back please?

Anyway, here are my most listened to tracks from this month. Enjoy!

Track 1:

Apple Cherry // NAO

With a song title ‘Apple Cherry’ I think we’re off to a good start. I’m really loving a lot of new female vocalists at the moment, however, NAO has been one of my favourites for a while, I wrote a review of her debut album ‘For All We Know’ last year, you should give it a read. I really love this song, it’s got a a super sweet, sultry vibe, this song was featured on her second EP ‘February 15’. Good look trying to sing along, reaching those high notes is pretty much impossible.

Track 2:

Pure // Hare Squead

I recently heard these guys on a late night radio show on BBC radio 1 and got Shazam out straight away. My first impression when I heard this was that they were American, maybe because of the production, but for some reason I was kinda shocked they were actually in fact a black Irish hip-hop trio. This song is a bit of a slow soulful jam, with a hint of serious. The trio themselves told The Fader magazine “It’s not a summer song. Play it on that one day it rains in the summer”, sounds fairly depressing but also pretty bliss. As it happens, I started writing this on the rainiest day here in Manchester I have seen all summer, no joke. Definitely looking forward to seeing the support grow for these guys.

Track 3:

The Cool Kids // BVRGER

I’m a fan of the deep, dubbed vocals in this, on top of a high tempo beat that ever so slightly sounds like a nursery rhyme melody. Recently, I found myself listening to this a lot at night walking through Manchester, a nice little track may I add? I came across this song thanks to a suggestion on Spotify and I am not disappointed.

Track 4:

Rockets // LION BABE ft. Moe Moks

The amount of times I have replayed this song recently is ridiculous. There’s a very jazzy feel to this song. LION BABE  are a electronic duo, including singer Jillian Hervey and record producer Lucas Goodman. There’s just something about Jillian’s lazy vocals, with a tinge of bad ass that I really love. Definitely a song to pop on when you’re just lounging about. If they sound familiar you may have heard their song ‘Treat Me Like Fire‘, or their collaboration with Disclosure on ‘Hourglass‘ for their album Caracal.

That’s all for July! I hope you enjoyed my picks from this month, let me know your thoughts and feel free to send new music my way.

August is going to be a super fun month with a lot of things planned so hopefully I’ll have a good few songs to soundtrack the month. See you soon x


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